Sunday, May 8, 2011

a bouquet for mak..

HAPPY MOTHER' S DAY, MAK! this afternoon she got this bouquet from us here kuching.. she tot that, the bouquet is for my sis, sara.. coz sara owez got flowers from somewhere else haha.. sory mom.. we can't celebrate you at this time.. still love u forever n ever.. a BIGGGGGGG HUGGS!! n a lot of KISSES.. cant wait till you n dad to come here next june.. let me spon mama g spa n facial k hehehehe..

pictures credit to sarah zehnder, my sis.. hehe..


Iz.Eusof (Abg Stalker) said...

sara ni kakak sulung eh?cantik mcm mke awk lembut sgt :) cair klu tgk lme2.mothers day sy blikn jam je utk my mum.sbb dia mengajar dan selalu x blk ikut masa,asyik blk lwt je.

eVa said...

iz : sy anak sulung.. sara anak ke-3.. haha.. maner der.. wahh.. mak sy tak pakai jam... sbb tu beli bunga.. hehe