Sunday, May 29, 2011

day four ; 10 things u want to say to one person

1. hopefully u happy with ur life

2. u teach me how to be strong

3. trima kaseh bcoz u stabbed me from behind

4. i wont forget what u did to me for the last 5 years

5. i forgive u but..

6. never in my life for a second, wanting to meet u ever again..

7. i dont hate u

8. its sad bcoz it happened to us..

9. i miss ur 2 daughters n ur son

10. be a strong woman oke..


Kendra Bing said...

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Iz.Eusof (Abg Stalker) said...

ditujukan tuk lelaki ke prmpn org yg da berumah tgga je.sje nyibuk bz body.haha

eVa said...

iz : hehe kwn perempuan pernah rapat dulu