Friday, May 6, 2011

so sad.. hmm

im so sad.. and a bit frustrated.. bcoz y? i cant join LOMOHUNTER outting.. they'r planning to go to smatan for picnic n lomo-ing tomorrow.. ya i miss to hang out with them.. this is the 3rd time i cant join them again.. bcoz i have to attend course KAAK for the whole month.. n mayb for lomobooth, soon, i only can join them after course late evening.. wah.. really upset now.. seriously..

LOMOHUNTER KUCHING....i feel like they r my family.. ;)
( sory pakai this gamba.. hahaha.. but still love u guys.. u guys rocks!)


Sang Peri Puteh said...

kamek pon xpat join outing lomo .. sedih :(

eVa said...

its oke dear.. lak kta join g next outting k.. hee

Iz.Eusof (Abg Stalker) said...

klu g kuching tuk jln2 awk bwk sy eh? :) nk g lomobooth.

eVa said...

iz : haha. boleh xdamasalah