Sunday, June 19, 2011

berakhirnya kursus KAAK.. ;)

semalam berakhirnya kursus KAAK (kursus asas asuhan kanak-kanak) done with practical n lesson plan..( fuh legaaa~~~) tinggal satu lagi, ujian bertulis pd hari kamis ni akan dtg dr pukol 8.30 pagi sampai pukol 12.. then ptg 1.30pm closing KAAK with lunch , story telling, singing satu malaysia n dancing waka2,ngajat tampi n lee hom's song by us to perform and photo session on that day.. representatives from the JKM (jabatan kebajikan masyarakat) will be the VIP of the event.. ;)

im gonna miss them.. the moment and the places ;'( hopefully all of them will become a professional childcare provider and build their own nursery.. n me as well ;)

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